Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East

Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East in Fort Worth

Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East

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1 Star
Hotel Guest Rating: 3.4/10
2425 Scott Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76103

Hotel Guest Rating for Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East in Fort Worth

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Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East
Overall Quality Score
user rating 3.4.0
Hotel Cleanliness
user rating 3.7.0
Hotel Staff
user rating 4.9.0
Location of Hotel
user rating 4.6.0
Hotel Dining
user rating 2.1.0
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Hotel Guest Reviews of the Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East

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Shonda from Kansas, OK
August 5, 2014
There were "questionable" people camped out around the hotel when we drove up. The elevator was broke and the a/c didn't work well. When I opened my curtain to look outside, there was a homeless lady with all her belongings camped right outside my room.

This was in the top 3 of the all time worst places I have ever stayed. I tried to get a refund after getting to my room, but they refused. My daughter was ate up with bug bites during our stay there...I cringe to think of the possibility that we had bed bugs.

Verified Hotel Guest from Broken Arrow, OK
August 3, 2014
The bed was clean and the A/C worked. We like Motel 6 but this was a TERRIBLE example.
NOT maintained. Pool advertised but empty & desk clerk advised been out of service a long time. Elevator down for obvious long time. Half repaired bath ceiling. Toilet seat & bath doorknob loose. Could barely shut & lock room door.

We've stayed at quite a few Motel 6 properties and NEVER been disappointed before but we place was terrible. We had to leave after the 1st night instead of staying 2 nights as planned because there were so many problems with the property and lack of maintenance. Empty pool that had not been working for a long time(according to clerk) but is advertised as part of the amenities. Terrible drains - standing in more than ankle deep water to shower. Many maintenance issues, including elevator that has obviously been inoperative for a long time. It wouldn't have been so bad, but the service stairs were nasty, smelled bad and the service door was propped open. We could barely get our door room to latch and lock. Our son and his family had even more problems than we did. Their sin never drained- even overnight. more

Business Traveler
Tracy from San Antonio, TX
July 25, 2014
Business Traveler
I was able to check in and go straight to my room. The hotel provided free coffee and a microwave was available. Location was a short walking distance to the bus line which allowed me to travel up and down town. Clean room every day a/c worked well.
The bathroom had holes that had been patched but not painted. On the first night there were insects in the room. The room had insects the first night. Second and third night no insects. Elevator was out. Ice machine on the third floor.

The staff was friendly and attentive. There was plenty of free parking. Free wi-fi was available and staff graciously gave assistance to access network.

Verified Hotel Guest from Rogers, AR
July 8, 2014
The room was nice. ...
We had kids And the elevator was out so we had to walk 3 flights of stairs.... The room TV also didn't get anything worth watching on it ..

Some rooms had ice boxes (refrigerator) and microwaves is didn't . Wasn't that bad no to good of neighborhood ..

Business Traveler
Verified Hotel Guest from Marshall, MN
June 12, 2014
Business Traveler
stated wifi, none available. Had to pay for room in Cash
Business Traveler
Michael from Friona, TX
June 10, 2014
Business Traveler
Although I do understand Motel 6 has purchased this property from another hotel chain, this was disappointing to say the least. I did like the location where it is located. It had easy access on and off of I-30.
List of what I did not like about this hotel: (1) No internet (wifi) in my room (322).(2) The elevator was completely out of order. (3)The rooms were not finished being painted, and had paint spots all over the floors.(4) The floors weren't carpeted.

Continued from above: (4a) So the sound levels were extremely high. (5) I had a couple of insects crawling on the bathroom floor, but they could have come in from the hall under the doorway which had about of an inch clearance. Would you recommend this hotel? Yes, I would recommend this hotel No, I would not recommend this hotel No I would not, at least not at this time I wouldn't. The un-finished rooms should have never been rented out until they were completed, and then only opened up as they were finished in a timely manner. more

Roy from San Antonio, TX
June 9, 2014
everything. Elevator broken; swimming pool not open; moldy; drapes in room falling off; construction; we left; did not stay

Had no warning prior to arrival of the mess the place was in. A/C was not working well.

Solo Traveler
Shaneka from Fort Worth, TX
June 5, 2014
Solo Traveler
Quietness.and no one constanly bothering. Me

Nice people.curtious,prompt.andcthe ac was amazingly cold

Family Traveling with Young Children
Verified Hotel Guest from Emporia, KS
May 19, 2014
Family Traveling with Young Children
There were holes all over the room... In the bathroom especially. Kind of creepy. apparently, it was under "renovation" but The construction workers were loud. Never staying there again.

I think our room was supposedly done per the renovation which is what is depicted on their site of what rooms look like but they really need to fire their crew because they're doing an awful job. Guys at front desk were nice though.

Solo Traveler
Brittney from Spring, TX
July 1, 2010
Solo Traveler

Good Evening, I would first like to say that this was not my
first time using I am a satisfied customer and have used this site many of times over the last few years with great success. I have referred you to many friends, family and co-workers, so I am hoping you will work with me.... I am emailing in regards to my stay at the Quality Inn & Suites in Ft. Worth, TX on Saturday, June 26, 2010. (Confirmation # ---) I made my reservations over the phone and your representative was very friend/knowledgable. I reserved the NON-smoking (severe asthma), 2 bedroom for $---. When we arrived at the hotel, our initial thought was "definitely not worth the money, but we will give it a try." The pre-occupied, twenty something year-old male, dressed in regular street clothes (who we assumed worked there) gave us our key and we found our "room".
Behind door #1 we found a filthy mess! The
bedsheets were thrown across the room as if the tennants had just walked out; there was garbage all across the floor and it smelled horrid. We went back downstairs and the "conceirge" said the cleaning woman had marked it as clean. He gave us a new key and we were off to find our new "room". Behind door #2 we found an OCCUPIED room! I will not go into details, but I will tell you it was one of the most uncomfortable situations of my LIFE!! I can't imagine if the same thing would've happened to us while we were out of the hotel...all our belongings could've been ransacked.) We ran back stairs and without saying a thing, the boy handed us our third key. It was late and we had been driving for hours, or else we would've left and found another hotel immediately. Finally, we find our third first glance, it looked like the
maid had been by. Finally! We go inside and start to unpack, trying to ignore the terrible scent of a SMOKING room. Even with severe asthma, I didn't want to risk taking chances of looking behind another door. A friend more

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