I just made the iPhone my phone.

  • shatner breaking through screen
  • Winning bid screen
  • name your own price screen
  • credit card entry screen
  • shake down screen
  • Retail hotel list screen
  • Retail hotel book now screen

Introducing the Hotel Negotiator App for the iPhone

  • The first app that lets you instantly find and book last-minute hotel rooms using's Name Your Own Price hotel service.
  • Book rooms up until 11:00 p.m. ET the night you want to use them.
  • Save up to 50% instantly.

Use the Power of Winning Bids

  • Choose a city and see real winning bids for the hotels in different star levels.
  • The Hotel Negotiator App will even show you how much of a discount each of those winning bids represents. Makes saving dinero mucho easy.

Making a hotel bid on the iPhone is fast and easy.

  • Check the screen to confirm your neighborhood, star level, and dates.
  • Keep the recommended bid amount as-is or move the slider to change it up or down (hey, this is still Name Your Own Price). Then press Bid Now to put your bid in motion.
  • With the Hotel Negotiator App, you're getting access to's full collection of top quality hotels and great prices.

Use radar to home in on a hotel deal

  • Pick a direction, any direction.
  • Point your iPhone and let the hotel radar feature sweep the area to find local hotels and prices.
  • Tap a price to see full hotel details. When a cluster appears, tap it to see a list all the hotels in that area.
  • In addition to hotel info, hotel radar lets travelers see how far away they are from different hotels.

Lock Down that Deal

  • The Hotel Negotiator App has a nifty one-page check-out screen. Enter guest name, credit card info and away goes your bid.
  • You'll find out instantly if your bid is accepted.

Do the Shakedown

  • Not sure where to stay? Just stand still and give your iPhone a shake.
  • Your iPhone's native geo-locator system will plot your exact location and then find winning bids for hotels in your surrounding area.

Not in the mood to negotiate?

  • If you're looking for a specific hotel, hit the Browse button at the bottom of the iPhone to see the listings for hotels near you.
  • Tap a hotel to see all the details.
  • You can book your hotel using the one-page checkout, or by calling's hotel booking specialists (this is an iPhone).

Call or Book Online

  • Find out more about the hotel, check it out on a map, or read real guest reviews.
  • Instantly book your hotel online or call one of our live agents to book over the phone.
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