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July 2014

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Yousef A's Trip Thu 3 days $318 $268 16%
Sandra R's Trip Thu 211 days $270 $233 14%
Hardik P's Trip Tue 14 days $308 $272 12%
Johnette D's Trip Wed 8 days $308 $262 15%
Tunde O's Trip Fri 3 days $303 $264 13%
Juanita K's Trip Mon 7 days $340 $279 18%
Sarah W's Trip Thu 14 days $335 $279 17%
Clarence K's Trip Thu 12 days $371 $308 17%
June L's Trip Thu 6 days $416 $317 24%
Ahmad A's Trip Thu 2 days $316 $256 19%
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