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Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

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4 Star
Hotel Guest Rating: 8.8/10
One Grand Cypress Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32836
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Hotel Guest Rating for Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando

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Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
Overall Quality Score
user rating 8.8.0
Hotel Cleanliness
user rating 9.2.0
Hotel Staff
user rating 8.9.0
Location of Hotel
user rating 9.1.0
Hotel Dining
user rating 8.6.0
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Hotel Guest Reviews of the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

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Solo Traveler
Verified Hotel Guest from Tampa, FL
December 3, 2014
Solo Traveler

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Solo Traveler
Barry from Lake Charles, LA
July 12, 2014
Solo Traveler
The staff was wonderful. And the food quality was exceptional! The resort is Beautiful and relaxing
Only two things. The interior dress code was not observed... There were many people in the Lobby and Atrium with out shoes and wearing only swimsuits. It did detract from the elegance and beauty of the lobby. Signs were posted, but not enforced.

The entire property was stunning. In particular, Hemingway's was an amazing and beautiful restaurant. The food and service was impeccable. The pools were wonderful and the staff everywhere was very accommodating. The rooms were very nice with great bathrooms and amenities. The towels were surprisingly low quality for a hotel of that quality. The towels at the pool were far superior to the ones in the rooms. I was there for 5 nights and enjoyed my stay there immensely, I will make it a destination choice for the future. more

Solo Traveler
Joel from Nashville, TN
March 19, 2014
Solo Traveler
This is a beautiful hotel. Courteous staff, beautiful grounds, great location.
BUYER BEWARE. It's a trap. I got this room for 2 nights through Priceline's Express Deals for ---. I was elated when I arrived and saw the grand scale and beauty. I thought I hit jackpot but then I was hit with a $25/day "resort fee" and $17/day

PLEASE READ: The hotel itself is fantastic as is the staff and I give it great ratings but their practices are inexcusable. ***I do not blame Priceline for any of this because the FRAUDULENT, "gotcha", BS, "resort fee" was disclosed upon check in at the hotel.*** They make you think you're getting a great deal because the get their excess rooms booked via Priceline for cheap. HERE"S HOW THEY MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE: When you get to the hotel they tell you you have its gonna be another $42 per day ($46.24 w tax & fees). So what I thought was a great deal @
--- per night (--- w taxes and fees) actually cost me
--- per night. At this point they've got you because you've booked and paid thru Priceline. So if you don't like the gotcha fees tough because they've already got their money. In fairness, the resort fee includes access to internet, on site putt putt golf, driving range, etc all of which were useless to me because I was in town for 2 days for my daughter's cheer competition @ Disney. The $17 per day self park was far, far away. Its not an exaggeration to say that you could walk 1/4-1/2 mile from car to room. more

Solo Traveler
Susan from Naples, FL
January 21, 2014
Solo Traveler

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Solo Traveler
Daniel from Beaumont, CA
June 4, 2013
Solo Traveler
This is a great location to be in Orlando. Lake Buena Vista is amazing!

Very nice staff and great location!

Solo Traveler
Neil from Palm Harbor, FL
May 8, 2013
Solo Traveler
Two noteworthy aspects of the Hyatt are actually some of the people there. Housekeeping keeps an immaculate room and are very considerate and friendly with guests. The most enjoyable are the gentlemen who assist with your bags/luggage.
¿Up Against The Wall So We Can Shake You Down For Even MORE Money!!!¿

As most travelers do, I chose a hotel for both location and price. In this case I thought I'd treat myself to something special and went for a 4-star hotel via priceline. I ended up with a room at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress for
xxx a night....or so I thought. The real total for my
xxx a day room was
xxx, which is approximately $55 more A DAY than I was quoted First, the Hyatt has a pretty amazing property and amenities...which amounts to your first shake-down for an additional Resort Fee of $22 a day. When I questioned this charge, the woman at the desk (who is just the messenger here) told me this charge was clearly outlined on my Priceline receipt....which is a big BULL-oney sandwich. I checked my Priceline receipt when I got home and there is NO mention of this "Hotel Fee" which was presented to me at check-in as a "Resort Fee". Feel dirty yet?? But wait!!! Here comes your second shake-down. You will also be charged either $13 a day for self-parking or $26 a day for valet. Again, checking my Priceline receipt shows that this additional charge is also NOT mentioned. Had enough yet? Here comes your third shake-down....My friend and his 16-year old daughter came to the Hyatt to visit. Originally we we going to use some of the outdoor amenities, but the weather didn't fully cooperate, so the Hyatt staff shut down all activities. Of course there is no refund of the Resort Fee for inclimate weather. My friend's daughter requested that I buy a virgin Frozen Pina Colada for her. I decided that sounded good too. My friend opted for the full octane version. Let's guess the tally for 2 non-alcoholic drinks and 1 alcoholic (barely) one. If you guessed $33 you would have been right. That's $11 dollars each!!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Clearly the concern of the management/owners of the Hyatt is money, money, money. Caring about people takes too much effort. more

Solo Traveler
Richard from Ocean, NJ
May 2, 2013
Solo Traveler
Gorgeous facility, large and spacious. I really felt like I was in a special place.
Recent renovations meant that there were stairs and paths with no signs to say where they lead and the TV "roomlinks" didn't work (which meant no information about the hotel, no access to movies, games, or internet on the TV).

Good for both families and business travelers. Many different activities to choose from. Excellent location, easy to get everywhere. Staff were very helpful and curteous. There is a "quiet area" of the pool for people without kids. I would definitely return.

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