Crown Paradise Club Cancun - All Inclusive

Crown Paradise Club Cancun - All Inclusive in Cancun

Crown Paradise Club Cancun - All Inclusive

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3 Star
Hotel Guest Rating: 6.2/10
Boulevard Kukulcan Km 18.5
CancĂșn 77500
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Hotel Guest Rating for Crown Paradise Club Cancun - All Inclusive in Cancun

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Based on 12 reviews from guests who stayed at the
Crown Paradise Club Cancun - All Inclusive
Overall Quality Score
user rating 6.2.0
Hotel Cleanliness
user rating 7.2.0
Hotel Staff
user rating 7.3.0
Location of Hotel
user rating 7.4.0
Hotel Dining
user rating 5.8.0
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Hotel Guest Reviews of the Crown Paradise Club Cancun - All Inclusive

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Group Traveler
Chris from Fishers, IN
April 5, 2013
Group Traveler
The bartenders at pool were fantastic. Worked extremely hard! The wings by the bar were great as well. Food average, but what could be expected from hotel in this price range
Did not care for gym rules and won't be back because of them. If it were not for gym worker I would have given a ten to staff. I would rank most staff as a 10 and gym attendant as a 1, so averaged it out to a 7.

This hotel is great for people with children. The children we saw there seemed to have a blast. It is priced fairly for what you get. Food was pretty average. I can't imagine anyone not finding something that they enjoy there. The abundance of salad and fruits make it easy to eat healthy if you desire to do that. Nice pools. Bartenders at pool were amazing! Roger and Melichi worked so hard and were always friendly. Rooms are very average. If you have a high schooler that is an athlete recommend going elsewhere. If under 18 they do not allow a person in gym. The attendant told my daughter to come get me to sign waiver and she could work out. She ran to room to get me to sign it. I get straight out of shower to rush down to sign it. Worker is no where to be found. I wait for 15 minutes to sign it and still no worker. Because my hair is wet and tangled from shower I could not wait longer. I see a sign in sheet on desk that she had signed in on. I sign that and make a note that she has my permission to workout and would not hold them responsible for any injury. About 10 minutes later worker comes back and yells at my daughter for being in the gym without waiver. She was too embarrassed to explain I had waited for him while he was off in lala land or whatever he was doing. I tried to give her my wrist band so that she could get in because we saw other people doing that. We then got in trouble with security for that. This was our 2nd time to this resort. We took 18 people with us this time. Because of the gym issue, none of us will return. High school athletes are usually given a workout that requires a gym when they are away for a week. It is impossible for them at this resort to get their workout. Would love to see those great bartenders at one of the other resorts down the beach that we will book when we visit Cancun next year! more

Group Traveler
Jenny from Hialeah, FL
August 14, 2011
Group Traveler
Friendly and nice worked persons.
The restaurant food.

They need to improve the food and room.

Group Traveler
Cathleen from Calgary, Canada
May 12, 2011
Group Traveler
We loved the beach, the pool and the large family suite.
The AC could be improved - we found it to be not quite cool enough.

We chose to stay here because of the location (short drive from the airport), the beach (beautiful), the many amenities and because of the large family suite (most other hotels we would have to book two rooms for a party of 6). The staff at this hotel were very friendly and helpful. The food was okay - but honestly, I have stayed at a few other all-inclusive hotels in Cancun and the food is all pretty much the same. We had 4 kids with us ranging in ages 11 - 20. There was plenty to do for all ages - the guys at the activity pool are great - they make the day very fun. The hotel itself is not as glamorous as some of the more upscale hotels, but you get more than your money's worth! more

Family Traveling with Young Children
Aaron from De Soto, KS
February 27, 2011
Family Traveling with Young Children
Friendly bartenders, landscape, lobby, kids water park,
Night kids club, don't accomodate food allergies, loud hallways, bad shows, not all the pools were heated

Overall it was a good hotel for the money. Food and drinks were good. They were not able to help us with food allergies. The chef didn't know what a gluten allergy was. Our room type was overbook and we were given another room for one night then we had to move. We were given a room that had a connecting door (not a very thick door and it was only one door not a door for each room). The people in that room were very loud, they went to bed around 1am and woke up at 6am. Had a child in the room that was coughing all night. So we didnt' get any sleep. Don't take your small kids to the shows. They are not intended for kids. If you take you child to the kids club at night they take them to the shows even though they are not appropriate for children. WOuld have been nice if all the pools were heated. Our kids did enjoy the kids club with the water park however, the water was very cold and not heated. The bartenders and food staff was very friendly and helpful. So were the bellhops and front desk people. more

Troy from Denver, CO
February 19, 2011
Adult swimming pool.
Too many kids, older hotel, bed was like sleeping on a wood floor. Room service was late everyday.

You get what you pay for. Do not recommend it to anyone that is going with out kids.

Family Traveling with Young Children
Tina from Windsor,Canada
March 29, 2010
Family Traveling with Young Children
Beach is beautiful, hotel had tons of activities for the kids and really catered to them.
Pool lounge chairs.
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