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2 Star
Hotel Guest Rating: 7.6/10
3550 East 181St Avenue
Hebron, IN 46341

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Comfort Inn Hebron
Overall Quality Score
user rating 7.6.0
Hotel Cleanliness
user rating 7.9.0
Hotel Staff
user rating 7.8.0
Location of Hotel
user rating 8.5.0
Hotel Dining
user rating 10.0.0
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Hotel Guest Reviews of the Comfort Inn Hebron

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Verified Hotel Guest from Mccordsville, IN
September 2, 2014
The hotel was clean on the inside and the staff was friendly.
The room only came with hand towels. The bed had a pillowcase on it that was dirty. When you walk to the front door there are several smokers around the front of the building. Once we got up to the room AC was turned off and room smelled of smoke.
Verified Hotel Guest from Saint Charles, MO
September 5, 2013
It was convenient and decently comfortable and clean.
Pet owners beware! Although this is a pet friendly hotel they treated us pretty poorly for having our dog. First when I checked in she didn't ask me if I had a pet so I assumed it was all taken care of via priceline, that was not the case. Read below

We went out the first morning to walk our dog and there were 3 cleaning ladies sitting out by the side door. My dog tried sniffing one of them but I didn't let him get close. She immediately said "what room are you in?" And I said why does it matter? I already checked in at the front desk. She said "because you have a dog". I said, ok, told her my room number and she proceeded to rudely tell me that we couldn't keep the dog in our room alone - even though we had a kennel. She said, even if you go eat, you have to take him with you. It was 95 degrees! So we proceed to go to our family reunion, which thankfully we could take our dog with us. Upon returning that evening we couldn't get into our room. I went to the front desk and she said "oh I know the problem, you have a pet?" I said yes. She said we need your credit card to charge you the $30 per night for it. She was very rude. I had no problem giving my cc or paying the fee. However, the lady upon checking me in should have ensured this was taken care of. I was very put off by this. I thought they handled it very strange by just locking us out of our room. They could have called. And didn't appreciate being treated so poorly because I had a dog. I understand leaving pets in hotel rooms can be a problem but we had a kennel and our dog never barks or anything. He's 10 years old, all he wants to do is sleep. So this is NOT really a very pet friendly hotel! They could have handled this in a much more professional manner! more

Business Traveler
Verified Hotel Guest from Spencerville, IN
August 7, 2013
Business Traveler
Easy to find and they wer there to check us in and check us out.
We got there after a very long day and crashed without taking in much about the place but the next morning we found toenail clippings beside the bed!!

After finding the toenail clippings we noticed a general lack in the cleanliness of the room. The ice machine was broken on our floor and we had to trek down a floor to get ice late at night. We would not recommend it to anyone else. We did not stay for the breakfast as we were questioning the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Family Traveling with Young Children
Michael from Terre Haute, IN
May 29, 2013
Family Traveling with Young Children
Very clean rooms and staff was extremely friendly.
The hotel was quite nice. I could not find anything that I did not like.

Very few nearby restaurants, but if one takes a 15 min drive north, there is plenty in the next town.

Glenn from Greenwood, IN
October 19, 2012

Location fit into our travel plans. I have stayed here before. I will stay again if in the area.

Family Traveling with Teens
Judy from Tujunga, CA
August 1, 2012
Family Traveling with Teens
Very clean and quiet. Room was attractive
Pool was small and too crowded to use

There aren't a lot of hotel choices in the area and I can't imagine there being a better choice than this one.

Family Traveling with Teens
Kimberly from Goodlettsville, TN
July 16, 2012
Family Traveling with Teens
it was clean, higher quality bedding/towels at a very reasonable rate

This hotel was very clean, comfortable, and super value. It rates up there with Hampton Inn quality with a price for the economical.

Nikki from Noblesville, IN
June 29, 2011
The lobby was nice I guess
the poor customer service by the night time staff

I paid for my room in advance through Priceline. When I checked in the girl at the front desk asked for my card; I assumed it was for incidentials. She went on to tell me that my card didn't match the reserving card (which is because it was actually Priceline's card/account) and proceeded to swipe my card. I questioned her right then and there and showed her my print out. She told me she'd look into it. I checked my bank account right away and saw 3
xxx charges from Comfort Inn Hebron (again, my room was already paid for thru Priceline). I went directly back to the front desk and was told that there was nothing I could do about it until a manager came the next day. I was upset about it all night. Luckily, the manager was helpful the next day and as I spent a half hour talking with her and my bank, they assured me the charges would be reversed in the next 2-3 days (until then the funds they mistakenly charged me for would be unavailable for my use). I am still quite upset that the night time girl behind the counter made a mistake that caused me to have
xxx of my hard earned money unavailable to me for the duration of my trip. I feel that booking hotels online is not new anymore and she should have been better trained, paid better attention, or at least have been apologetic and sincere for her mistake instead of trying to make me feel like the idiot for her mistake. more

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